Key areas of VSI activity include:

Information Dissemination

The VSI disseminates information to members and strategic partners in order to raise awareness and understanding of issues relating to security and crime.


The VSI is extremely active in liaising with Government to ensure that legislation reflects industry and customer needs. By way of example, the VSI is working closely with the Victoria Police and State Government to ensure that the views and concerns of its members are taken into account in the drawing up of legislation and subsequent amendments and clarification for the Private Security Act 2004.


One of the VSI’s top priorities is the maintenance of high standards within the industry.


It is vital that security industry staff are well-trained if they are to inspire confidence in end-users. Training initiatives are continuously evolving.
The Victorian Security Institute is committed to training and development and is actually engaged with numerous key stake holders in the security education environment.

Australasian Council of Security Professionals

The Australasian Council of Security Professionals (ACSP) is a federated council of security professionals, consisting of representatives from professional associations and institutions, Government and tertiary education and individuals with a demonstrated commitment to the development of the security profession. Its work is focused on developing recognition of the Security Profession by publicly leading debate on matters relevant to professional issues, ethics, standards, knowledge and expertise.