About Us

The primary objective of the VSI is to provide a forum for the advancement of security professionals and the industry in which they work.

The Victorian Security Institute (VSI) was established in 1973 by security professionals in order to develop the science of security management and to develop and direct the professional standards of the security industry. Today, the membership consists of security practitioners and educators from a broad range of industries who share a common belief in the value of high professional and ethical standards for the security industry. The Institute has initiated and developed educational and professional development programs to assist its membership and the security industry.

In summary, the VSI aims to:

  • Promote and have input into the development of professional standards;
  • Encourage and facilitate professional development;
  • Act as a conduit through which information can be communicated to members and
  • Provide networking opportunities for the benefit and betterment of its members.

The VSI acts as a forum that:

  • Provides opportunities to identify, discuss and respond to members’ issues and needs;
  • Advocates the common interests of the industry;
  • Generates and disseminates relevant industry information;
  • Fosters the development and exchange of technical information;
  • Promotes the significance of the security industry sector within wider industry and
  • Represents the industry’s interests when dealing directly with government bodies.

The security and asset protection industry embraces a wide range of professions, processes, products and applications. This includes, security related product manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, installers, protective security officers, community safety experts, managers, risk assessors, investigators and locksmiths, to name a few.

Key areas of VSI activity include:

Information dissemination: The VSI disseminates information to members and strategic partners in order to raise awareness and understanding of issues relating to security and crime.

Legislation: The VSI is extremely active in liaising with Government to ensure that legislation reflects industry and customer needs. By way of example the VSI is working closely with the Victoria Police and the State Government to ensure that the views and concerns of its members are taken into account in the drawing up of legislation and subsequent amendments and clarification for the Private Agents Act.