Executive Committee

2016 Executive Committee


President & Treasurer Mr Kostas Kyrifidis
In a career spanning nearly three decades, Kostas has a colourful history working in the protective and technical security space within Australia and the Asia Pacific. In recent years, he has worked in the corporate governance, strategy and risk environment and has served the Security Industry in a number of leadership and representative roles, working to meet the objectives and interests of it’s professionals and support structures.
Vice-President & Secretary Mr Michael Hain
Managing Director of Personal Quality Services Pty Ltd, a leader in the Home and Small Business sectors of the alarm industry throughout Australia since August 1997 that has built its reputation on exceptional customer satisfaction. Our partnership with the Paul-Tec Security Group, who provide back-to-base monitoring from their Australian Standards AS2201.2.A1 certified monitoring centre, complete the perfect combination of local personal service with a national security provider.
Vice-President Mr Angelo Yannacaros Angelo Yannacaros has 25 years experience within the Security industry accompanied with 30 years experience in martial arts and kickboxing. His training and knowledge continues to grow as he involves himself within different fields. As director of Foenix Protection Services during the last 14 years, Angelo has been exposed to investigations, close personal protection, anti-terrorism, and firearms.
Member Ms. Eleni Yannacaros
Eleni Yannacaros (Operations Manager, Foenix Protection Services) has a background spanning many areas in the security industry and incorporates essential client satisfaction and conflict management skills from other industries including retail, customer service, client support, conflict resolution and client retention.With a background in Frontline Management and Customer Contact, Eleni is heavily involved in developing new business systems streamlining existing models and enhancing the performance management. Eleni prides herself on her customer service skills and her goal is to change the face of the security, corporate and training industries, raising the quality and professionalism in all aspects.
Member Mr Frank Grima
Protocol Security Services is venturing towards a new, modern and consistent approach, in an effort to keep pace with dramatic changes in the security industry. We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging future, while keeping people, property and assets safe.
Member Mr Murray Hardinge
Secretariat Mr Terry Guinan
Terry has spent over forty years working and serving the Security Industry in Australia and Overseas. Apart from fulfilling a variety of Senior Management roles, he is a Past VSI President, a former Chairman of the NSAA, a former Director & Vice Chair of ASIAL, an Inaugural Board Member of Crime Stoppers Victoria and Director of Crime Stoppers Australia. He was also an Inaugural Member of the Police Ministers Victorian Security Industry Advisory Council (VSIAC), is currently a member of Standards Aust EL31 Committee, the overarching Committee for all Aust Security related Standards.

2016 Executive Committee: (left to right): Terry Guinan, Frank Grima, Michael Hain, Kostas Kyrifidis, Eleni Yannacaros, Angelo Yannacaros
Absent: Murray Hardinge